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Boom Beach is one of the most popular games on smart phones as it contains epic war battles, explosions and a lot of exciting troops to bit down your enemys!

Boom Beach is the third game of SuperCell and until now have more 
than 50,000,000 downloads and active players!

The game is free but that does not mean that the developer are not earning money. In fact, SuperCell is making thousands of dollars daily as those games have this so called "in-app-purchase" system of premium items which makes the game faster without having to wait for resources, upgrades and battles. 
In that way it enables the user to purchase resources such as gold, wood, iron, gems etc. directly from the shop without the need to wait to generate it. 
It is actually a huge advantage to anyone who can constantly buying Premium and Gems but for those who can't, it is not something that you need to be discourage of since its does not affect in anyway the process of winning battles. 
After all, this is a good strategy game with a fun gameplay, and it's not need to pay to win battles!

But as always any game have his own hack!


Boom Beach Hack | Boom Beach Cheats

The Boom Beach Hack give you the opportunity to add any gold, iron, wood and diamonds 
you want on any account and device you wish!

It has been thoroughly tested to ensure not only its effectiveness but at the same time its compatibility among different mobile devices.

 Boom Beach Hack |  Boom Beach Cheats working on all Android Devices and on all iOS Updates!



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Boom Beach Hack V.1.3
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Boom Beach Hack V.1.3
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Boom Beach Hack V.1.3
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